Suzana Milojkovic was born 1979 in Belgrade. She completed graphic and web design. She has been painting since she was young. While she was studying she had subjects such as painting, drawing, and technical drawing. In addition to painting, she is involved in applied art, tattoos, jewelry design... She has participated in several collective exhibitions.

If you wish to refresh your space with some unusual and nice paintings, she is working on the every format and also with acrylic technique. Acrylic is a painting technique where the material is working as a dispersion of the acrylic resin, and it is called as acrylic emulsion. Author of the paintings from this technique is Suzana Milojkovic. With painting she begin to work with a hobby and realised that this technique is useing to her quite well.

Exhibitions that she was participating:

1. Realno nadREALNO - Art Centar #303 - Srbija 2015
2. Erotika u umetnosti - Art Centar #308 - Srbija 2015
3. FormatMali - Art Centar #318- Srbija 2015
4, X. Međunarodne putujće izložbe FormatMali® - Srbija 2016 #318

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